Barlis of Lincoln
(Most materials, including shellac, superior quality 'Suter' shellac flakes (as used on our courses), wadding, cloth, pumice powder, stains, mineral oil, wax remover) Special starter kits and discounts for our students.

J Penny Ltd
(Most materials, including shellac, wadding, cloth, Liberon range etc.)

Restoration Materials
(Most materials, including wadding, cloth and shellac)

Rest Express
(Most materials, including wadding, cloth and shellac)

Smith & Rodger
(Most materials, including clear methylated spirits and shellac flakes)

Astor and Windsor
(IDA) industrial denatured alcohol(You need to have the HMRC letter to purchase this - application form here paragraph 19 )

Finneys Wood Finishes
(Shellac, powder spirit stains for tinting French polish)

(Polishes, wadding and cloth)

Guitar Making Courses

Leicester MusicFest - Leicester's annual music festival

Leicester University Chamber Choir

Avalon Summerfield - Soprano, who also teaches singing, trumpet and music theory

Jonathan Jarvis - Pianist who also teaches piano, keyboard, trumpet, music theory:

Roxanne Summerfield -  Organist who also teaches pipe organ piano, music theory

John Gull - Pianist who also teaches piano and music

Plans and working drawings of master classical and flamenco guitars