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Starter Pack
250g shellac flakes
3 x 50ml pipette bottles
300g cotton cloth
1 metre cotton wadding
50g pumice powder
100ml white mineral oil
1800 grade Micromesh  (150 mm x 150 mm)
1 litre Industrial Denatured Alcohol 96%
1 spare plastic litre container
Price: from £36.00

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Industrial Denatured Alcohol  99.5% (from Astor & Windsor).
Astor & Windsor supply 99.5%
If you wish to buy 99.5% industrial denatured alcohol, known as 'IDA' then you need to obtain (free of charge) an authorisation letter from Revenue and Customs which permits you to purchase it. You can download the application form here (paragraph 19) , or call them on 0845 010 9000 and they will send you a registration letter. It does not take long and there is no cost involved.  

We recommend BARLIS of Lincoln, phone  01427 668283,  local family company who can supply you with best quality shellac flakes, ready-mixed shellac, wadding, cloth, pumice powder, pure mineral oil, wood stains, fillers and much more.
They will post your order for next day delivery.
Special French Polishing Starter Kits are available, containing everything you need to get started with your French Polishing.

French Polishing Starter Kit, including top-quality 'Suter' Blond Shellac flakes

French Polishing Starter Kit, including top-quality 'Suter' Blond Shellac flakes

Clark's Starter Packs, Wax Removers and Burnishing Cream

Full range of finishing materials are available from Barlis of Lincoln